Here's how GoPaisa, a cashback startup is helping online shoppers save money

Meghana Jayashankar Meghana Jayashankar Date - 27/7/2017 is India's highest paying cashback and coupon site founded by Aman Jain and Ankita Jain in the year 2012. The website enables its registered users to avail discounts from over 550 brands listed on the website. This Delhi based company is doing extremely well in their business. This is because of their market research and understanding their consumer behaviour. They have also launched their first cashback mobile app and have also been updating the app regularly for an enhanced user experience. The entire team is actively involved in expanding and educating the user base about the benefits of using cashback through the TV campaign "Don't be a kaddu".


Here, Ankita Jain talks about GoPaisa, their customer base, number of employees and their uniqueness that makes them stand out in the market.

Q. How did you come up with the idea of starting GoPaisa?

GoPaisa was founded by the husband-wife duo of Aman and Ankita Jain in 2013. The idea came after a lot of discussion between the two. Aman, with a background in Finance, and Ankita were busy convincing each other about the advantages of finance and marketing, till they decided to try their luck in the cashback sector. Aman had successfully tried out the concept of cashbacks and rewards when he lived in London. Back then, as Ankita says, people only understood the credit card cashback concept.

Q. Do you provide cashbacks and discounts on shopping with all the brands registered on your website? With how many brands do you have collaborations?

The platform enables its registered users to avail cash back or a cash reward on their purchases from Myntra, Jabong, Expedia, Flipkart and over 550 other retailers listed on the platform.

Q. How many employees are working in your company presently and are looking forward to further expansions with the venture?

As of now there are 30 employees are working with GoPaisa. The company will be looking to expand operations soon and a scaling up is imminent as a result.

Q. How do you define your journey of entrepreneurship and what are the problems you faced while establishing GoPaisa? How did you overcome it?

In Ankita’s words, ‘people did not take me seriously, dismissing me as being too young. So, I worked really hard and got the numbers, and it is these figures that speak for themselves. Our market has evolved with time and it is more about loyalty.’ In the initial years, all their efforts were driven at drawing partners. Despite surviving on limited funds, the company is still quite profitable. Earlier, business mostly came in from Tier 1 and 2 cities, but now it has tilted a good 50 per cent towards Tier 3 and 4 cities as well.

Q. How do you interact with your customer base to take feedbacks and solve their problems?

GoPaisa has a very active customer support team that works round the clock to resolve queries coming in from every quarter. Customers are given a maximum response time of 48 hours within which all their concerns are resolved. There is also a Live Chat feature which allows a customer to get answers to their questions in real-time.

Q. What are the exclusive features that makes GoPaisa unique from others in the same domain?

GoPaisa offers its customers instant tracking of their cashbacks. From the moment, an individual makes a purchase, the tracking starts and goes on till the time s/he has decided to redeem the reward. Customers also have the option of transferring their cashback into their bank accounts or to their wallets. GoPaisa supports transfers to all leading wallets in the country (PayTm, MobiKwik etc.). They can also use the cashback to process recharges for their mobiles, DTH etc., or go in for purchasing gift vouchers.

Q. What are your future plans with GoPaisa?

GoPaisa is continuously working towards giving its customers a better experience with each passing day. GoPaisa believes that its customers are its top priority. It wants its customers to make and take informed decisions before making a purchase. Giving its customers the best possible price and value for their hard-earned money is what GoPaisa strives to do continuously. ‘They should know what, when, where, and how to save to the best of their abilities’, signs off Ankita.

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