StartupEd, a Launchpad that equips and empowers students to build their own companies

Shraddha Mishra Date - 10/8/2017

StartupEd is a launchpad that equips and empowers students to build their own companies. It is a tech entrepreneurship school that educates young leaders and incubates innovative startups. Their mission is to inspire and foster a culture of innovation and to create an ecosystem of entrepreneurship in India.

Ankit Buti the founder of StartupEd graduated high school from Delhi Public School Dwarka with a passion for technology and identity of a wiz-kid. He then pursued his bachelors in Computer Science major from Purdue University with a very multi-disciplinary education including classes in psychology, sociology, economics, communications, leadership, bowling and wine appreciation in addition to core software engineering. He also completed the certificate program in entrepreneurship and innovation at Purdue. Later he went onto studying business at Stanford University's summer institute of general management, in California. “I am 26 years old and I aspire to create exponential IMPACT in this world by revolutionizing the concept of startup.

Here he tells us about his journey of startup and his views on entrepreneurship.

Q. How did you come up with this idea of starting StartupEd?

I have always been a student of the subject ‘entrepreneurship’ and with the announcement of ‘Startup India / Standup India’ it was clear to me that the demand for high quality entrepreneurship education in India will increase as Indian youth pursue their startup dreams away from the old school taboo. I personally am really disappointed with the current state of higher education in India excluding top IITs and IIMs.

Eureka: Let’s start a venture that teaches startup education to young student entrepreneurs in India.

For the longest time, I have been passionate about changing the lives of entrepreneurs and make their success rate higher; especially with so much talent in India. When I decided to start out my own startup, it was the most obvious need I wanted to address. I started with entrepreneurship education in high schools & colleges in India; realizing there is so much that folks could benefit from by learning these skills at an early stage. Empowering the talent youth in India and unleashing human potential has been my drive.


Q. How do you help to bridge the gap between Silicon Valley and young entrepreneurs in schools or universities in India?

We have a diverse mentor board with senior advisors from Silicon Valley associated with top learning and corporate brands in the industry such as Google, Qualcomm, Purdue & Stanford available as a resource to our students and the startups that we work with in India.

Also, our leadership is experienced in the Silicon Valley way of building products and companies, so that inherently carry forwards to our work culture in the Indian market. 

Q. What is the best aspect of being an entrepreneur according to you?

The moments of realization of the impact an entrepreneur has been trying to create is the best aspect of being an entrepreneur. Also, the sense of control of your own destiny by being in the driver's seat of your life is a powerful state of mind, which is a perk for any entrepreneur. Lastly, the freedom to solve problems that are important to you makes an entrepreneur's life satisfying. 

Q. How do you help individuals who hesitate to take risks for establishing their own venture?

We do our best to motivate individuals by providing them with tons of resources and tools to enable them to be able to succeed at their ventures. We make sure first-time entrepreneurs feel they are cared for, and have all the infrastructure they need in order to focus on what really matters. We aim to empower first time entrepreneurs so that they only have to focus to solving their particular problem, building a product and selling; rather than worrying about nitty-grities of operations and related complexities. 

Q. Do you think that entrepreneurship should be introduced as a course in universities and schools? 

Absolutely, entrepreneurship as a subject covers a variety of skill set including leadership, problem solving and creativity. These are vital for success of an individual in any field and I believe any good education system should include it in their curriculum. It adds to the future employability of the students in addition to introducing them to a plausible career option. There is a popular myth that entrepreneurs are born, we disagree. It is a subject, a skill that can be taught and learnt just like others. 

Q. What is Entrepreneurship Book about that was launched this year by StartupEd?

Entrepreneurship Book is an online learning platform, a cloud web application that hosts a bunch of learning material and case studies for students of entrepreneurship. It also has features such as the Startup Toolkit, Legal 101 Startup guide, Business Plan generator, etc. It is our flagship product and we are working hard to make it more and more useful for founders by adding cool new features and utilities on the platform.  

Q. Do you think entrepreneurial communities help in the emergence of startups or gives a platform to innovative ideas?

The communities are great way to foster the ecosystem. Entrepreneurship is very hard and the chances of failure are extremely high. It is almost impossible for a founder to succeed on his/her own without any help from mentors and advisors who have experience in their respective industries and who are willing to coach the founders. The communities bring founders, mentors, investors and potential clients all under one umbrella and hence help with all stages of the startup journey, right from ideation to exits.

Q. What are your plans for the future as an entrepreneur?

Keep hustling. I have personally just gotten started and there is a long way to go before we create some measurable impact and prove true success. Value creation for our customers and stakeholders is my primary responsibility as a CEO and I plan on executing on our company's mission with focus and grit.

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