Archna Sharma, the Thought Technologist and a social entrepreneur is helping people learn the structured way of thinking to lead a happy life with Roccia Bliss

Shraddha Mishra Date - 16/7/2017

Hailing from a spiritual background and a techie by education, Archna is an Indian Social Entrepreneur and a Thought Technologist® helping people learn How to Think Ideally in different situations of life. She carries a versatile professional experience of more than 14 years at top notch profiles in the education and corporate sector. Archna Sharma is a registered Ph.D. scholar in Computer Science Engineering. She has earned double post-graduate degrees in Master of Engineering and Master of Computer Applications.

Roccia Bliss | Archna

She has aligned her passion, profession and purpose of life in one dream i.e. Roccia Bliss. To achieve this, she left her well cushioned job through which she used to earn a handsome salary at a senior position. She opted to work on the rare combination of science and spirituality and took the road less travelled to make the world a better place to live. She started her journey with a broken laptop with the belief that she could create something unique out of her technical skills and spiritual knowledge. So she started exploring Thought Technology®. Today she is an acclaimed Thought Technologist®, an unmatched profession where she is helping numerous people, from different walks of life, in identifying their true self and worth.

She conducts various programmes inspiring Thought Leadership for Corporate, Defence, PSUs, Government Departments, Engineering & Management, Colleges, Public, Prisons, Clubs, Youth, NGOs, Vidhan Sabha, etc. She has trained and counseled more than a thousand of people throughout. Her sessions are highly informative and interactive while giving a breakthrough experience to the attendees. She is appreciated for the positive energy she brings to her programs. There are many noteworthy credits to her account.

Indian Council of Agricultural Research-Port Blair, Vidhan Sabha-Bhopal, Hindustan Copper Ltd., Malanjkhand, Indian Army, Gwalior, Income Tax Office-Bhopal & Indore, Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association-Indore, Central Jail-Indore, MAN Trucks Pvt. Ltd.-Pithampur, SGSITS-Indore, Unichem Laboratories Ltd., Pithampur, etc. are few of the organisations in PAN India, where she has delivered on the awareness of Thought Technology®.

From the plethora of her courses, ‘Thought Leadership’, ‘Performance Boosting’, ‘Conflict Resolution’, ‘Students’ Welbeing’ and ‘Change Management’ are the most popular ones which emphasize on reaching the next orbital of personality development.

Roccia Bliss

Her message to the society is: “Let’s start working on ourselves and clean ourselves!” Here she shares with us her journey of Entrepreneurship and about her startup Roccia Bliss.

Q. How did you come up with this idea of starting Roccia Bliss – Your Happiness PartnerTM!

I always had an urge to help people in their pain points and wanted to lead a significant life. I hail from a spiritual background and am a techie by education. Having done my double post graduation in Masters of Computer Application and Masters of Computer Science Engineering, I used to wonder on imagining about technology of thoughts similar to other technologies that we already have like mobile technology, satellite technology, etc.

Also after spending 12 yrs of teaching in engineering education at top notch profiles, I realized a big gap in what is being taught in classrooms and what is actually required in the practical life. All our lives we were taught to study, behave, speak, perform, play, etc, but never to think, because each one of us considers it to be a natural process and thus has always taken thinking for granted. This way I came up with the idea of working on Thought Technology®. In brief, Thought Technology® is the art and science of thinking i.e. emotions embedded with Technology.

The biggest challenge that comes with thinking is ‘HOW TO THINK’, as there is no thumb rule and no guiding principle behind thinking. There is no denying the fact that thinking is a natural process, but how to think to achieve desired outcome still remains unanswered. And so, in an endeavor to help people with their thinking process and to enable them to think what is best in a specific situation, I conceived the idea of Roccia Bliss®.

Q. How do you contribute to the society by being social changemakers?

  • We are on a mission to eradicate mental poverty through our sustainable Thought Technology® and Well-Being solutions. As we know, thinking is the root cause of all problems because we’re never taught how to think. Being social changemakers, Roccia Bliss contributes to the society by cultivating and implementing positive thinking skills in people. The company tries to develop innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems and offering new ideas for wide-scale change.
  • As also, India stands at 122nd position in world’s happiness index report 2017, which shows a very poor thinking quotient. So we envision increasing per capita happiness through raising thinking quotient of people. Changemaking starts from changing one’s thinking and thus changing social taboos and stigmas.
  • We’re impacting society on a large scale which include different sectors like Corporate, PSUs, Govt. Deptt., Scientists Organizations, Defense, Education, Sports, Prisons, NGOs, etc.
  • We also have a Buy1 Help1 working model which contributes to delivering free programs to underprivileged.

Q. How does the Thought Technology® based professional programmes help develop professional and personal effectiveness to people?

Most of the organizations in today’s era focus more on skill and personality development, but they ignore the fact that until the thinking process of their people are not in sync with what is being taught, all efforts will go in vain. For one to function well in his work, he needs to be able to do higher order thinking. He needs to become skilled in thinking.

Roccia Bliss is the only Thought Technology® based trainings and well-being venture which is dedicated to cultivate positive thinking skills in people with good thinking habits and discipline. They are the only Thought Trainers in India, making people rich in thinking by helping them learn how to think ideally in adverse situations to avoid mental and physical stress.

Our courses increase the thinking capacity of people which results in mental stability and performance boosting. Our core expertise lie in providing thought based solutions to help increase the productivity, performance and profitability of the organizations in manufacturing, education, IT, banking, transport, trading, hospitality, service based ventures, etc. We design and deliver customized training modules based on specific requirements and analysis of client’s needs. We also provide complete training solutions to youth, businessmen, entrepreneurs, students and home-makers.

Q. What kind of training and services you provide and how it helps people?

Roccia Bliss offers various thought provoking courses, workshops, counseling, coaching and consulting that lead to miraculous life’s outcomes for working and non-working people. These programs are customized according to the needs of clients and are a perfect blend of soft-skills, managerial skills, and technical skills embellished with Thought Technology®. The trainings offered by the company are not the usual 9 to 5 sessions, but they are far more result oriented and practically implementable solutions that has a far-reaching effect and goes on for the rest of life.

Do you know the rank of India in world happiness report? It stands at 122nd position. There’s a big impact of thinking over world happiness parameters. Also the employee engagement ratio of India in the world is quite poor. India shows very less actively engaged employees. So our courses are designed to pull up India in the world index.

Our most popular courses are Change & Conflict Resolution, Managers Development Program, Students’ Well-Being, Conscious Parenting, Faculty Development, Stress Management, etc.

Q. What kind of counseling is provided by you to students and professionals?

We provide individual and group counseling to students, parents and professionals on work issues, social issues and personal issues. Our most demanding counseling sessions are on relationships, addiction, depression, confidence boosting, self-management, etc. Through our counseling we make them learn how they should ideally think and respond to achieve the most desirous outcome.

Q. What is the best aspect of being an entrepreneur? 

The best aspect of being an entrepreneur is that we have no limits to our creativity and innovation. We can do wonders with our hard work and passion. For one, the entrepreneurship could be the best alignment of his passion, profession and purpose of life, like in my story. I’m now satisfying my purpose of contributing to the betterment of society through my passion of speaking & technology which in return is my earning profession.

To achieve this, I left my well cushioned job through which I used to earn a handsome salary at a senior position. I opted to work on the rare combination of science and spirituality and took the road less travelled. I started my journey with a broken laptop with the belief that I could create something unique out of my technical skills and spiritual knowledge. So, I started exploring Thought Technology®.

All that you need is the realization of your passion. In just one and half years, I have built a reputed clientele that includes Hindustan Copper Limited, India Army, Income Tax Departments, Unichem Laboratories Ltd., Indian Council of Agricultural Research and many more.

Q. What advice would you like to give to future women entrepreneurs?  

I feel that women can go extra miles in all aspects of their lives. And as they are the axis of their families and society, they can create miracles. All that they need is to know themselves and their strengths. They should choose a path which can align their passion and profession into one stream. Unlike before, women are now handling all sorts of jobs in entrepreneurship, be it marketing, sales, PR, or technology.

Q. What are your plans for the future as an entrepreneur?  

In future, I would like to launch certified online courses to make several Thought Technologists nationally and internationally. We would like to see the world-wide presence of Roccia Bliss in terms of Thought Technology-cum-Management solutions making world a better place to live.

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