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Instacar is a fast-growing rental taxi market place with one dream: making each road trip happy! Attempting to fill the gap of hailing outstation taxis, InstaCar is simplifying the process of booking rented outstation cars by providing a democratic marketplace. 

Instacar Team 
Ishan Vyas, Founder and Priyanshi Choubey Co-Founder of Instacar have a vision that Instacar may become the most trusted car rental place in India. They wish to simplify car rentals for everyone by helping people find the most suitable car in a quick, smart and easy way.

Ishan shares about InstaCar and his views on entrepreneurship. So, hop on to Instacar and make your road trips easy, economical and memorable! 

Q. What ignited the spark within you to start Instacar?

My friends, family and I often faced challenges while renting an outstation taxi. When you are travelling outstation, car is where you mostly spend time in so we ensure making you comfortable. Instacar is a boon for the people who are looking for the best outstation solution.

I was already running an IT company. I shared the idea and the team validated it. We believe in doing planned executions with the goal that everything that we do turns out to be fruitful. There is too much data out there and we don’t have time for experiments.

Q. How is Instacar simplifying the process of renting outstation cars by providing a democratic marketplace?

a) The customers can practically book what they see. You can actually see the car you will be travelling in, so you are not up for a surprise on the spot. You can choose the price based on the service needed. You can also choose the features like car with carrier, pet-friendly car; baby recliner etc. We can meet the need.

b) Our business partners can decide the price to run their car. So, say you have a Swift desire, you get to choose the price on which you wish to rent your car. Be it ₹ 8/km or ₹ 15/km, the business partners have the freedom to choose the price. As a result, customers get to decided what’s more suitable to them. That way, it’s quite democratic. We connect drivers with the customers. 

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Q. What are the exclusive features that make you unique from your competitors?

Outstation service is what we focus on; we are by far the best outstation taxi service. We have a very fair pricing for our customers and business partners. Book what you see is the second aspect. Second is fulfilling specific requirement.

Q. What is the best aspect of being an entrepreneur according to you?

We can get the lowest lows and the highest highs in one single day. Whenever you have high energy you have a place to execute it. And whenever you are feeling low, your team will give you work to make sure you don't have time for that.

Q. From hourly to weekly renting, you make sure that the ride is worth remembering. What luxury facilities do you provide to your customers? 

a) We really put our sincere efforts to align our cars and drivers. If customer appreciates driver service and car condition, we feel our efforts paid off. If we put efforts, our drivers are inspired to do the same. Our customer support is extremely strong too.

b) We are constantly improving our processes to give a more comfortable ride to the customer. Our service is true value for money and our customers believe the same. We are the best travel partners if you wish to travel with your friends, family or solo.

Q. What advice would you like to give to future young entrepreneurs?

Too many people settle for what is easy rather than engage their energy and creativity to create something different and meaningful. If you wish to be an entrepreneur, start now! There is no age bar to start or no concept of male or female. You learn patience. It can make situations turn in your favour. Learn by doing. 

If you have doubt about how to start, what to do or how to act, try getting a job in a small to medium size business where you work directly with the CEO. Ask questions and observe. Learn as much as you can in as short time as possible. 

Q. What are your plans for the future as an entrepreneur?

a) To learn and grow more in terms of experience. I have a very fresh look out. 

b) I wish to do nothing less than big in this industry.

c) We are at a monotony of Achieved and repeat.

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    Ishan Vyas


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    Priyanshi Choubey

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