The Success story of world's second largest viral content company 'WittyFeed'

Shraddha Mishra Date - 24/6/2017

A great story should make you laugh and a moment later break your heart. WittyFeed is indubitably about this quote. A modern day blogging article rostrum for everyone who loves to manifest and reconnoiter stories. India’s largest and world’s second largest viral content company after BuzzFeed is for everyone who loves to read, write and explore.

It is like a YouTube of contemporary senility bloggers wanting to write photo stories. With more than 250-300 million monthly pages views, Wittyfeed shares alluring stories and hand-picked content according to everyone’s inquisitiveness in form of blogs, videos, and photos. Most of its viral content is related to technology, lifestyle, celebrities, food, humor and travel. It is the first website from India that serves the world in such a huge number.


Anyone who wishes to write can come and start writing by just logging to the site and the in-house team of the editors make sure that it goes viral and reaches the right audience. The site offers “features” for the readers, they can forge their own feed by stipulating five of their favorite categories. It’s a totally technology driven place about viral content; content that has a lot of whack propensity. Wittyfeed chiefly is divided in 18 different categories cowling a prodigious no of things. Example - Food mate for food lovers, Inner-Voice for teenagers and so on. The story of Trump changing Obama’s oval office that will never be same again or the one why Prince William will never wears his wedding ring? Are indeed some of the most viral stories of witty feed? Being a global platform, it render content for different audiences in India, Canada, UK and Australia.

The USB of this company is the content that is squander by people and the technology making it meticulously reachable. The option given to the user to write and express by themselves make it astounding and thus making it more realistic to the people. It also gives the opportunity to write an open letter to any of your favorite celebrities. Many youngster find it hard to communicate with the world, witty feed is one such platform making these people's voices heard. 

Wittyfeed was started in September 2014 by three city based young entrepreneurs with a Facebook page, which was started way back in 2012. The page led to a website which later on transpired out as a content platform providing social learning. Brothers Vinay Singhal, Parveen Singhal and friend Shashank Vaishnav are behind the fastest growing viral content website. These three young students from Indore commenced this website from a small hostel room with literally no revenue. Wittyfeed powered ahead of all the other viral content providers in short time since its inception in 2014. The start-up has a billion reach on Facebook and more than 30,000 pages are federated with it. Today it is valued at $30 million with registered revenue to cross ₹50 crore this year. It has 40% i.e. 40-45 million Indian users per month. Even today when the company achieved stability and credibility they are willing to bring innovative ways to serve people as much as they can.

In 2012, wittyfeed started as a Facebook page
In 2012, wittyfeed started as a Facebook page
It was started in a small hostel room by three young entrepreneurs Vinay Singhal, Parveen Singhal and Shashank Vaishnav
Today, Wittyfeed have more than 1 Billion reach on Facebook and more than 30,000 pages are federated with it
Today, Wittyfeed have more than 1 Billion reach on Facebook and more than 30,000 pages are federated with it
Today it is valued at $30 million with registered revenue to cross ₹50 crore this year. It has 40% i.e. 40-45 million Indian users per month.

Standout Projects

Ghar Ka Khana Wittyfeed
They started a unique business initiative called ’ghar ka khana’, for this series they used to go to the houses and the ladies there would cook live for them.
India Flag | We choose to stand
Did campaign #wechoosetostand to play national anthem before screening of the movie.
Freaky Ali
They produced a movie Freaky Ali, as the protagonist from being a simple extortion debt collector to golfing sensation and become a champion is analogous to the roving of the company before reaching this top.

Future Plans

They are planning to come up with content in Tamil, Gujarati and Bengali languages for their followers.
They are building tools that can tell them what to post so that their page grow as fast as they should.
They are working on a system where witty feed will become the leader in deciding what’s viral and what’s not along with ads having been woven along with the stories.
America Wittyfeed
The company is looking to expand more in the US market as it bestows to company’s 30% traffic.


Witty feed has an Alexa rank that is a major achievement for any Indian content creation site.
This startup has recently won the “fastest growing company in IT sector” award in Bangkok by all India achievers foundation.
It was also selected by Google recently among an elite group of startup for case studies on successful companies using their products.
Listed among the top 500 most visited website in India within a year of its operations, witty feed has arrived on the content map, arresting readers with its viral content.
It is first company from India to be among the top 75 most read website in US.
Another feather added to their cap, as they become the proud digital partner of TOILET-EK PREM KATHA featuring the very versatile actor AKSHAY KUMAR.

WittyFeed success story proves that entrepreneurship is independent of geographical boundaries, being a content specialist it has evolved as one stop content exchange for all the brands in a nutshell. Witty feed is a content company to the world and a technology company at heart.

  • Vinay Singhal

    Vinay Singhal

    Co-Founder and CEO

  • Parveen Singhal

    Parveen Singhal

    Co-Founder and CCO

  • Shashank Vaishnav

    Shashank Vaishnav

    Co-Founder & CTO

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